Exhaust System Repair: Downpipe Replacement

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Reasons why you may consider a down-pipe replacement

The exhaust system is responsible for converting engine emissions into less harmful gases before releasing those gases into the atmosphere.

The down-pipe or front section of an exhaust system connects the exhaust manifold to the catalytic converter.

The manifold collects, diminishes, and funnels emissions to the catalytic converter, which converts the emissions into even less harmful substances.

Down-pipes are designed with a large diameter so that gases can be quickly transferred between exhaust system sections without delay. Common problems with down-pipes often result from leaks and internal corrosion. 

Your vehicle’s performance is affected when the channel of pipes comprising the exhaust system are inhibited in a way that prevents proper expulsion of the emissions created during the engine combustion process.

Replacing your down-pipe at the first sign of trouble will promote exhaust system maintenance and improve engine performance.

Most aftermarket down-pipes are larger in diameter than the original equipment pipes they replace. Therefore, replacing your down-pipe with an aftermarket down-pipe can significantly reduce restrictions and positively impact engine horsepower.

Improving the efficiency of the pipes composing the exhaust system will ultimately improve the condition of your engine and the performance of your vehicle.

Likewise, blockages and other damages to exhaust system components will negatively impact engine performance. Louder than usual noises and problems accelerating are all signs that your vehicle’s exhaust system may be damaged.

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