Electrical and Electronic Systems: Dashboard Warning Diagnostic

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Reasons why you may consider a dashboard warning diagnostic

The dashboard warning system is an effective tool that alerts you to one or more problems with your vehicle. Dashboard indicator lights exist for oil, tire pressure, lights, brakes, and more.

Dashboard warning lights, or indicator lights, appear in the instrument cluster. Depending upon your vehicle, a warning may appear as either text, a symbol, or both. Generally, symbols are universal or very similar in appearance across different makes and models of vehicles. If you are unfamiliar with the symbol, you can consult your owners manual for its meaning.

In many modern vehicles, dashboard warnings are color-coded:

  • yellow, orange, and red generally tell motorists to seek service shortly
  • green and blue alerts are intended as informational pop-ups to let you know that something is in operation
  • when the text or symbol flashes, drivers should seek service immediately

Drivers who heed dashboard warnings may save money in the long run and ultimately help ensure their own safety.

When a warning light on your dashboard alerts you to one or more problems, bring your vehicle in for a dashboard warning diagnostic.

Equipped with the right tools, our friendly staff will inspect your dashboard indicator lights and use special equipment to verify and help fix automotive issues, from under-inflated and over-inflated tires to low oil levels and faulty lighting system.

In the event that your dashboard warning system is malfunctioning and sending out a false warning, our expert staff can also be of service.