Cooling System Repair: Cooling System Pressure Test

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Reasons why you may consider a cooling system pressure test

In a vehicle with a combustion engine, fuel is converted into heat energy, which means the vehicle can get very hot very quickly. The cooling system reduces internal engine temperatures and prevents possible overheating by dissipating and removing heat from the vehicle’s engine.

Cooling systems use antifreeze to control the internal temperature of the vehicle. Engine coolants, like antifreeze, have to withstand low temperatures without freezing and high temperatures without boiling. The antifreeze in your cooling system is composed of ethylene glycerol and water which improves the boiling and freezing points of antifreeze and makes it effective at controlling a vehicle's temperature.

Aside from keeping your engine cool as it circulates throughout the cooling system, antifreeze also prevents corrosion and helps lubricate the engine to keep it in proper working order.

If your cooling system experiences a leak, it’s crucial that you get it checked out sooner rather than later as a cooling system leak left untreated will eventually lead to bigger problems

If you spot a leak, be sure to visit us for a cooling system pressure test. Our pressure test can locate the source of the leak. Once a leak is identified, a member of our service staff can determine the proper repair procedure. Our cooling system pressure test is effective and dependable, and we are confident that we will be able to make the cooling system repairs that your vehicle requires.