Electrical and Electronic Systems: Interior & Exterior Lighting

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Reasons why you may consider an interior & exterior lighting

Many modern vehicles are equipped with a wide selection of interior and exterior lights for the convenience and safety of occupants.

Glove box, rear view mirror, gauge panel, and overhead console lights are usually present in a vehicle’s cabin. On the outside of vehicles are headlights, license plate lights, and turning signal or “blinker” lights.

During nighttime operation, interior and exterior lights are especially important. Headlights and cabin lights can illuminate the surrounding area, reducing risk of injury from tripping or stumbling.

In addition, lights are convenient as these can alert other motorists to the vehicle’s presence. This is important, for example, during emergencies when a vehicle may be parked off the roadside.

From dome lights and fog lights to headlights and tail lights, our staff has both the know-how and the correct tools to help solve your lighting problems.

Whether you are experiencing overly bright lights, dim lights, intermittent lights, or inoperable lights, we can help. Because there are many different types of lights, our procedures will vary depending upon what light you need repaired.

Give us a call or contact us online if you have any questions about your lighting systems and basic maintenance. We are happy to help you and look forward to getting you back on the road again with functioning lights.