Engine Diagnostics and Performance: Engine Tune-Up

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Reasons why you may consider an engine tune-up

In the past, engine tune-ups were much more time consuming because they required a motorist to check a variety of parts.

Engine tune-ups formerly included checking the distributor, cap, rotor, ignition contact points, condensers, carburetors, and more. Today, these items are generally no longer included in engine tune-ups because a vehicle’s electronic control unit controls the engine timing.

While not as many parts need to be checked today, engine tune-ups still include the inspection of a variety of components:

  • spark plugs- which are responsible for igniting the gasoline and air mixture that fuels your engine
  • spark plug wires-which transfer voltage created by your spark plug
  • fuel filters-which help stop debris from reaching your engine
  • air filter-which prevents debris from entering the combustion engine
  • oil and oil filters

Regular tune-ups will ensure your engine is running efficiently and reliably. Engine tune-ups can help prevent breakdowns and extend the life of an automobile as they will help keep a vehicle operating at maximum performance levels.

Please adhere to your owner’s manual for recommended service intervals, and contact us when your engine is ready for a tune-up.