Exhaust System Repair: Center Exhaust Section Replacement

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Reasons why you may consider a center exhaust section replacement

The center exhaust section contains the catalytic converter and the section of exhaust pipes between the down-pipe and the tail pipe.

The pipes in the center section of your exhaust system are shaped to connect to each other while wrapping and bending to accommodate other parts and components on the underside of your vehicle.

The harmful emissions converted by the catalytic converter into less harmful elements are carried away from passengers by the exhaust pipes.

Your vehicle’s center exhaust section also contains the oxygen sensor, which determines the correct level of oxygen introduced during the conversion of these harmful emissions into less harmful elements by the catalytic converter.

Maintaining proper center exhaust section performance will ensure that your entire exhaust system continues to minimize exhaust noise and reduce pollutants released into the environment.

Center exhaust system maintenance is important for your safety, the safety of your passengers, and overall vehicle maintenance. A center exhaust system may need to be replaced for a few reasons:

  • the catalytic converter may be failing
  • pipes may be corroded or clogged
Because the catalytic converter is tasked with converting the harmful emissions of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxide into less harmful elements like oxygen, nitrogen, water vapor, and carbon dioxide, a clogged catalytic converter may mean that these harmful and deadly gases are being released into the cabin of your vehicle.

    A clogged catalytic converter will also result in a loss of vehicle acceleration, low gas mileage, and stalling.

    Routine center exhaust system inspections can prevent breakdowns and ensure proper exhaust system operating conditions.

    Being wary of the warning signs for impending center exhaust section issues can help you determine the proper time for replacements.