Glass Repair and Replace: Glass Repair

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Reasons why you may consider a glass repair

The glass on a car, truck, or SUV offers occupants safety, convenience, and comfort. Many vehicles use windshields made from laminated safety glass.

This type of auto glass is composed of two layers of glass bonded through an inner vinyl layer that helps prevent the glass from separating on impact.

When the front and rear windshields or any side windows are damaged by rocks, branches, hail, or other such causes, cracks usually follow.

Different types of cracks can be classified as spider web, edge, and bull’s eye variations.

If a vehicle is taken in for repair shortly after it incurs damage, its auto glass can usually be repaired. As such, it is important that drivers not delay when an accident affects the glass on their vehicles.

This is because cracks will continue to develop and spread as the days pass, eventually rendering your glass irreparable

Has something chipped your windshield or cracked one of your passenger windows? We may be able to help with our auto glass repair service.

Our staff understands time is an important determinant in whether you choose to have your glass fixed or not, and we have the right equipment for quickly addressing and repairing a variety of chips and cracks.

We look forward to helping you get back on the road with repaired glass and an increased level of safety.

Allow our service staff to inspect your glass and determine the correct course of action.